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Since our beginnings, in 2004, we provide our clients and partners with global access and insights into every facet of entertainment.

We create opportunity for Talent, Brands, Enterprise.

We connect talents, brands and businesses, enabling them to stage memorable events, share remarkable music, tell significant stories, and, trough it all, reach new audiences.

Artist Booking

Acces to any entertainer worldwide and a global network of vendor relationships allow us to provide our clientele with full service solutions to meet all their entertainment needs.

We are your one-step for all types of acts, artists and events.

Book world-renowned and rising music artists, DJs, Celebrity Talent and Party Brands, for international tours and festivals to corporate, college and private events.
Our booking agents can help you bring top talent to audiences almost anywhere.

  • Artist Booking & Programming
  • Contracting & Administration
  • Talent Logistics
Artist Booking

Artist Management

Artist Management

We bridge the gap between artists and the industry elite. We open the doors for artists to connect with the industry, helping their career through education, mentoring, and an extensive network of working professionals.

We provides management services to Artists in the music industry looking for guidance, counsel, direction, coaching, legal counsel, financial management, and legal representation & more. Our services cater to the needs of the individual artists to insure that they are set on the right path for their careers.

· Artist & Business Development
· Strategy
· PR Management
· Agency & Promotion
· Tour Management


Music Programming Services

We are music festival booking agents and venue programming experts. Let us make your music event stand out. With over 15 years of experience in the music industry, we know what audiences want, and what promoters and event organisers need when it comes to music events of all shapes and sizes. Irrespective of your budget, your experience or your ambitions, if you want to organise a quality music event, we would love to work with you.
Artist Booking for Live Music Venues
Live Music Venues

We work with live music venues of all varieties, from small independent venues to clubs and outdoor concerts.

Artist Booking Music Festival
Music Festivals

Our music festival booking agents have experience in festivals of all sizes around the world.

Artist Booking for Private and Corporate Events
One-Off Music Events

If you are planning a one-off music event, be it fundraiser, brand activation, or corporate event, we can make it one to remember.

Brand Management

Purchase decisions of your consumers are greatly influenced by your brand value. Your brand needs to not only differentiate you but also cut through the noise and offer a consistent experience to your costumers at all touchpoints. Our Brand Management Services help your brand to do one thing consistently: shine through.

· Our brand identity services help you accurately represent who you are as a brand.
· We do a thorough brand audit and study your tangible brand elements (logos, taglines, color scheme, etc.) to aptly define your brand’s design and messaging ethos, and brand guidelines.
· We develop your brand’s visual and communication elements that resonate deeply with your audience and generate the desired perception.

· We help you articulate your brand positioning to develop focused marketing strategies, campaigns, and promotions.
· We help establish your brand’s credibility, relevance, and differentiation while creating a positive perception in the minds of your target audience.

· An effective core message directly conveys the value your brand delivers, what it stands for, and why it matters. We help articulate your brand messaging to influence your consumers to actively engage with your brand.
· We create brand messaging that resonates with your audience, enables an emotional connect, and establishes a resounding recall.

· We develop promotional strategies that are designed to educate, encourage, and enable your target audience to convert into paying customers for you.
· We create influential communication and amplify it across the relevant channels to share information, establish your positioning, differentiate your offering, and increase its demand in the market.

Get your brand in from of the right audience, influence their purchase decisions, and turn them into the brand evangelists.

PR Management

Impressive PR attracts global audiences and creates unique opportunities: it gets you noticed and remembered by the right people for the right reasons. This is what our PR team can do for you:
Online & Offline Communication PR Management
Online & Offline Communication
Social Media Marketing & Community Manager
Social Media Marketing & Community Manager
Web Design, Graphic Design, Audiovisual
Web Design, Graphic Design, Audiovisual

Creative Marketing

Elevate your brand's presence & raise your bottom line with creative content marketing services. We're experts at placing content in front of consumers.

Media Planning & Consultancy

Content Creators

Marketing Strategy

360º Implementation

Ibiza Services

Are you an artist, brand, enterprise?
Would you like to take your events to the best clubbing scene in the world, Ibiza?
We can help you to choose & negotiate the best venue that fits your event, for a summer season residency or one-off event. 

Do you need to advertise in Ibiza? Maximum coverage for your short or long advertising campaigns in Ibiza. We can offer you:

· Press advertising
· Billboards advertising
· Bus advertising
· Radio advertising
· Online advertising
· Urban Furniture advertising
· Airport advertising

Ibiza and parties go hand in hand. Public Relation teams is a very important means of advertising the coming nights out. We can provide you the best P.R. teams according with your business.

· VIP Tables for the best clubs & events
· Private VIP Events
· Villa Rental
· Private Security
· Private drivers

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